One Source Injury Management

At One Source we evaluate and treat all minor injuries including strains/sprains, lacerations, contusions, and burns. X-rays are taken in the clinic. All our providers are skilled in the use of a slit lamp for ocular foreign bodies/abrasions.

No appointments are necessary.

Physical Therapy

At One Source, we want to help our injured employees and customers return to work quickly with our physical and occupational therapy services. Safe, healthy and productive is the direction we lead our patients. The benefits of physical therapy and occupational therapy is that it requests an aggressive return to work, convenient location, lowered costs and minimize at work injuries. Our therapists and physicians work hand-in-hand to provide our patient’s the medical and therapeutic treatment they want.


Vaccinations are necessary for certain reasons such as flu, school, travel or any inoculation that must be treated. The benefits from our vaccination services is that they are readily available from tetanus shots to school shots. Our customers receive the quality of our vaccination services, along with convenience and proper vaccinations you’re required. All of our vaccinations don’t require an appointment.


Immunizations protect from disease by the vaccinations. At times, immunization can be developed by recovering from a specific disease. It is known to control and eliminate life-threatening infectious diseases. The vaccines stimulate body’s own immune system by protecting the body from the infection. Some disease protected by immunizations include Hepatitis B, MMR, Polio, Pneumonia, Rabies and other serious illness.

One Source Occupational Medicine

We provide comprehensive, cost efficient, occupational medical services to more than 400 companies in the Tulsa area.


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