One Source Physical Exams

Each provider at One Source is listed on the FMCSA, National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners where the regulations and standards are assiduously followed.


Department of Transportation requires you to have a valid Federal Motor Carrier physical card in your possession. In order to obtain a DOT, you’ll need a medical examination report filled out for a commercial driver fitness determination. It examines your health history, personal information and requires a physical examination by a physician to be complete.


Occupational Safety and Health assures safe and healthy work conditions for workers. Employers are to provide their employees with working conditions that are free from danger and enforced with protective standards. OSHA provides training and assistance to workers. OSHA covers all private sectors, state and local government, and federal government workers. Examples of some of the OSHA standards include provided fall protection, prevention of infectious diseases, assurance of safely confined spaces and guards on machines.


External Radiation Therapy uses high-energy of rays from outside the body into a tumor or normal nearby tissue. This treatment is an outpatient visit in our treatment center. Most of ERT treatments are performed over a couple of weeks. Stimulation is performed before radiation. External Radiation is then performed with a machine called a linear accelerator. Radiation treatments can vary based on the type of cancer, the size and location of the cancer, reasoning for the treatment and general health.

One Source Occupational Medicine

We provide comprehensive, cost efficient, occupational medical services to more than 400 companies in the Tulsa area.


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