One Source Pre-Employment Services

As part of your employment protocol, post-offer physicals help ensure applicants are physically capable to perform the required functions of their prospective job. A thorough history also identifies significant pre-existing medical conditions.

Audiometric Testing

One Source wants to know your ability of hearing sounds. Audiometric testing tests the sounds based on their loudness and speed of the sound wave vibrations. The way sound waves travel through the inner ear are through the ear canal, eardrum and air conduction. The testing involves checking your ability to hear whispers, spoken words and the sound of a soft ticking noise. Other instruments are used to test the ability to hear different volumes. Audiometric testing is performed to detect hearing loss at different stages. Common causes of hearing loss include chronic ear infections, occupational hearing loss, ruptured eardrum, disease, acoustic trauma and head injury.

Pulmonary Function

Pulmonary function diagnostic tests that are designed to provide measurable feedback about the function of lungs. It helps by detecting certain lung disorders. Many levels are accounted to ensure adequate balance of the ventilation system and movement from in and out of the lungs. By detecting the presence, location and cause of lung complications can be performed through the Pulmonary Function Tests. Common values that can be measured through the testing is tidal volume, minute volume, vital capacity and total lung capacity, along with other procedures involving the lungs.

Fitness for Duty

A workplace must be safe, secure, and productive and work should be done in an effective manner. All of these duties are based off of an assessment, fitness for duty, that shows if that person is cut out for the job or not. Some duties that an employee is not fit for duty would include uncontrollable crying, notable problems with coordination and can sometimes lead to extreme measures such as suicidal or threatening statements. Fitness for Duty is important to employers and employees because it distinguishes motor skills, clerical work and employee interaction with customers that the employee may or may not perform well.

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